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We can make a print in any size; from a locket-sized photo to30x96 inches. (that's 2 1/2 feet wide and 8 feet tall) and anything in between.

To make our prints at K.C. we use a newer technology that scans negatives or transparencies, then uses a system of lasers to expose photographic paper which is then processed just like conventional color photographs.

This is important to you for these reasons.

1. The prints last longer than other forms of printing, including inkjet and four-color process. They have the life span of good, conventional photographs.
The tonal range is greater than most other forms of printing.
3. The versatility of digital manipulation and correction.
4. More cost-effective than the
time-consuming labor of darkroom printing.
5. Turnaround time is shorter.

Our prints come in four levels or grades plus proof prints.

Proof prints.
When we say proofs, we mean that every negative on a roll is color balanced, printed, and the negative number printed on the back of the print. No cropping or dust spotting is available for proofs. Same day service is normal but 1 hour service is available. An index print accompanies each roll of proofed film.

Level 1. Standard Quality.
Individually printed, color balanced and inspected. Center crop only. Ask about quanity discounts. Same day service is normal but 1 hour service is available. Border or Borderless. Custom sizes, or odd size negatives. Wallet prints.

Level 2. Prints from Slides/transparencies.
Printed directly from slides, these have a moderate degree of contrast control and a high degree of sharpness. Printed on Matt or Glossy paper. Special services are available at this level for things like redeye removal, soft-focus, cross or star filters. At this level we can also print B&W prints from your slides.

Level 3. Custom Prints.
Individually printed, cropped to your specifications, dust-spotted, Matt or Glossy.

We can make prints from your:

  • negatives. color or B&W;

...from any film format including, but not limited to:

  • 35mm,
  • Medium format film, such as
    • 120 or 220.
    • 2 1/4,
    • 6x4.5, 6x6, 6x7, 6x8, 6x9,
  • Large format film, such as
    • 4x5 and 8x10, or X-Ray films.
  • also obsolete film formats like:


Digital Media
We can make prints from most any digital media including:

    diskettes or floppies.
  • Smart Cards,
  • Compact Flash cards.
  • Memory Stick.
  • Zip disks, or Jazz cartridges.

Do be aware, that while we can convert almost any type of computer file you bring us, we do charge for this.

You can save yourself money by making sure the files you bring us are:

  • PC formatted, instead of MacIntosh.
  • RGB files instead of CMYK.
  • .jpg (jpeg) .tif (tiff) or .bmp (bitmap) files.
  • have file names no longer than 8 characters, with no @#$ or *.
  • sized to fit standard print sizes; 3x5, 4x5, 4x6, 5x7, 8x10, 10x15 etc.

For best results we recommend that your images have a resolution of 300 pixels per inch.
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Copy Negatives.
We can also make prints from old photographs, a photograph when no negative is available, flat-art, paintings, drawings or renderings, provided that doing so would not be in violation of copyright law.

We can photograph your photograph to create a copy negative. This is done on a specially constructed stand, with studio lights and large format, 4x5 copy film under very controlled conditions to insure good color rendition and prevent an increase in contrast.
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We can also scan your photographs or flat art to create not a negative but a digital file.

Once the digital file is created it can be burnt to CD or prints can be made.

When scanning images to CD we need a minimum of 3 images, less than that requires we charge for the CD.

Very large images, (over 11x14) must be scanned in sections and rejoined to create a seamless full-image digital file. Our scanners are professional pieces of equipment operated by very skilled technicians. If anybodycan get a good print out of your old, faded, damaged, print,...we can.
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Film Processing.
Any type of film you have shot we can probably process in house. . Whether APS, 110, 35 mm, medium format, 120, 220, 2 1/4, large format, 4x5, 5x7, or 8x10 Including;

  • Color Negative (C-41) processed
  • .......normally,
  • .......pushed(over-processed)
  • .......pulled(under-processed).
  • Black and White, including specialty films

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We can mount your photographs or any mountable form of flat art on foam-core. Foamcore is a material consisting of a 1/4 inch thick layer of very stiff styrofoam sandwiched between two layers of thin white cardstock. This material is very smooth, flat and resistant to warping. It has the same thermal expansion properties as photographic papers. We use a vacum press because it does not subject your photos or art to high temperatures as some processes do. We can "flush" mount your photos so the mounting board is exactly the size of the photo, or "mat" mount so the mounting board extends beyond the dimensions of your photo to provide for matting and framing.

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Contact Prints.
The digital form of a contact sheet is an index print.
We can print these from your color or B&W negatives or slides.

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Restoring, Retouching,
Once we have an image in a digital format, we can bring it into the computer and do just about anything imaginable to it. Whether this is to restore an old photo or change a new one, the sky is just about the limit. It is common fare to restore faded color or tonality, fix tears, creases, stains, and holes, open eyes, remove or add people, or objects, crop, resize, make color into black and white, or make black and white into color. Provided time and budget permit.

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Graphic Design.
K.C. is not specifically a graphic design firm, but we are happy to help with your projects by adding text or logos, graphic elements or the like, including things like calendars and promotional items.

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Seasonal Cards.
Not limited to photo Christmas cards. They also make very effective new baby and graduation announcements and promotional pieces for businesses.

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