Digital Services;

At K.C. digital means a lot of things. We can;

  • PRINT your digital files, sizes to 30x96 on long-lasting photographic paper.
  • SCAN your prints, negatives, slides or flat art to create digital files.
  • RESTORE your old family photographs, including;
    • repair damaged or missing areas, stains, creases or tears.
    • restore faded color or tonality.
  • RETOUCH your images to;
      • remove red eye or open closed eyes
      • remove skin blemishes such as pimples, scars, etc.
      • remove distracting objects or backgrounds.
      • remove or add people to photographs.
      • correct poor color balancing.
      • correct bad lighting.
      • colorize B&W images.
      • convert color images to B&W
  • GRAPHICALLY ALTER images by;
    • adding text, logos or graphic elements.
    • creating composite images from multiple images.

What can't we do? Well, with today's computers, the latest software, our skill and experience, there is not much we can't do, providing time and budget allow.

For best prices for prints from your digital files, the files need to:

  • be in a PC format. MacIntosh files can be used but must be converted.
  • be .jpg, tif, or bmp files.
  • have file names with no @#%$ .
  • have a resolution of 300 pixels per inch.

We welcome the opportunity to discuss your project.
Call us, bring it in or email us.